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M Abu Taher Chowdhury, United Kingdom: The International Platform for Expatriate Bangladeshis, Voice for Global Bangladeshis, has decided to host on March 29 in the House of Commons a reception for 100 organizers of the liberation war who played a significant role in Bangladesh’s independence struggle in 1971.

The decision was taken at a virtual meeting of the organization on Saturday, January 29. Mahidur Rahman (Kent), Mahtab Mia and Syed Nadir Aziz Daraj (Newcastle), Dr. Nurul Alam (Roach) participated in the discussion. ), KM Abu Taher Chowdhury, Shamsul Alam Liton, Abdul Quader Saleh, Barristers Nazrul Khasru & Sadiqur Rahman (London), MA Latif JP (Birmingham), Hasan Mahmud (Canada), Anwarul Kabir (Germany), Dr. Humayun Chowdhury (Sydney), Mahbub Alam Shah (Malaysia), Hasan Ali (New York), Sharafat Hossain Babu (Washington).

It was decided at the meeting that the names of 50 more organizers of the liberation war in Britain would be announced in the first week of March. On March 29, a reception will be given to 100 organizers of the Liberation War at the Cromwell Pavilion of the House of Commons.
Everyone will be given valuable crests, certificates and receptions. Those who are not alive will be given posthumous honors in the hands of their successors.
In order to make this historic event a success, 5 sub-committees were formed and huge budget was prepared.
The meeting decided to publish a memorandum and sought the active cooperation of all quarters.

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