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Voice for Global Bangladeshi’s (V4GB) successfully carried out our 2021 Summer Away day in the beautiful northern town of Corbridge situated in the Tyne Valleys in Newcastle. The primary objective of the away day was to formulate the organisations governing objectives, plan future campaign ideas and organise upcoming events and projects.

The away day was hosted by Syed Nadir Daraz (V4GB’s Director of Culture) and Mahtab Miah (V4GBs Director of Finance). Apart from establishing the organisations governing structures this trip also provided an opportunity to enhance our team building and communication skills as well as enjoy the Euro 2020 finals.

I am extremely pleased to meet with my fellow V4GB executive members for the first time after lockdown. As an organisation we look forward to ensuring the voices of NRB Bangladeshis are heard across the globe. – Dr Hasanat Hussain MBE (President, V4GB).

The away day was attended by V4GB Executive members who reside in the UK whilst we were also joined by international members remotely via Zoom.

The away day was conducted and lead by V4GB’s Director General Ohid Ahmed who used his long standing experience in local government to run communication and team building workshops for other members.

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