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Director of Culture

Brief info

Daraz was born in the North East region of Bangladesh, Sylhet and subsequently moved to the North East region of England, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Daraz’ grit, entrepreneurial flair and determination to succeed has led him to prominence, notably the Chairman of The Valley Group of companies since 1991 to date, with the flagship hosting the head office occupied within one of the oldest station houses in the world.

He has been a member of the National Executive Committee of numerous business, political, youth, art & culture, social welfare organisations including General Secretary and Chair of Newcastle Bangladesh Association.

He is a founder of Syed Aziz Habib High School, established in 1995 in his native village in Bangladesh. He is currently the Director of Culture and Heritage of V4GB.

Daraz certainly has a creative bone. He is an avid poet and enjoys reciting his art. His hobbies include a combination of wellness activities for the mind and body, spending quality time with friends and family, reading and keeping fit.


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