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Director of Media

Brief info

Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury is a very well-known personality amongst the Bangladeshi Community in the UK.

His contributions towards Bengali language and literature are immense. Teaching Bengali, his longstanding journalism experience in Bengali publications coupled with his frequent appearances in debates specific to the Bengali community and many other initiatives have made him authoritative in the field.

Professionally, Mr Chowdhury is an engineer, tutor and a very well known journalist. He was a correspondent and staff reporter for the weekly Jugaberi and Deshbarta, two of the oldest newspapers published from Sylhet. Likewise, he worked with other newspapers and Sylhet radio for a lengthy period. As an established journalist in the UK, Mr Choudhury was a Special Correspondent of the Weekly Jonomoth and Editor of the monthly Dawat.

He was also the Founder Chief Editor and Chairman of the first ever bilingual weekly newspaper, Euro Bangla. Currently, he is the Chief Editor of the weekly Bangla Post, Editor of the weekly London Bangla, Chairman of the weekly Bangla Mirror’s Advisory Board and an Advisory Editor of the Dhaka Post. Additionally, he is the President of the Bangladesh Journalist Association UK. He ‘community heartbeat’, Mr Choudhury, was an elected ex-Chairperson and General Secretary of the Greater Sylhet Council in UK for two consecutive terms, and is currently a patron.


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