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Director of Community Relations

Brief info

MR Abdul Latif is a Justice of Peace from Birmingham West Midlands. He is a British Bangladeshi successful entrepreneur. Mr Latif arrived in UK in 1968 and completed T-Technology Course. He opened his first Business “Everest” in 1973. Mr Latif’s contribution curry industry is colossal. During 1985-1986 period his restaurant business “Raj Bangla” flourished. -- with five restaurants in his growing empire and became one of the best British Bangladeshi successful businessmen in this trade.

Mr Latif helped Bangladesh economy as well by investing huge sums building “London Tower” in Sunamgonj. His contribution created so many local jobs and helped local economy.
Mr Latif never forgot his roots even when he became phenomenally successful entrepreneur, and always played an active role discharging his social responsibilities for our society here in UK and Bangladesh.

Mr Abdul Latif JP worked tirelessly to help newly arrived immigrant in UK. He worked voluntarily with Birmingham Advice Centre between 1973 to 1978 helping people dealing with their housing, immigration, employment issues. Mr A Latif was Director of Birmingham Multi-Purpose Centre for three terms.

He was President of Bangladesh Caterers Association, Midland for over 14 years, and was one of the founders of Greater Sylhet Development Council. He was President of Birmingham Greater Sylhet Development Council for a long period.

He has been involved helping to build so many Masjid and Madrasha’s in Greater Sylhet, Bangladesh, currently building a Masjid in Bishshomborpur, Sunamgonj himself. Having worked tirelessly all his life in 2001, he was able to take on the role of a JP - a justice of the peace.
Mr Latif is a remarkable person and gladly recommend him for this award.


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