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about us

About Us

Voice for Global Bangladeshis (V4GB) is an international think tank and pressure group working to make the voices of non-resident Bangladeshi's more effective.

We provide rigorous research and analysis, topical commentary and public events to explore the key challenges facing expatriate Bangladesh's across the globe.

We offer a space for discussion and fresh thinking to help senior politicians and civil servants think differently and bring about change that help empower the Bangladeshi diaspora.

Through our network of industry leaders, professionals and academics we drive policy initiatives and social campaigns that help raise awareness about pressing issues that affect Bangladeshis.

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About us

What we stand for?

As an organisation some of our key objectives are:

Creating Conversations

Our team spark conversations to understand the growing problems faced by the Bangladeshi Community.

Social Equality

We want to ensure NRB's are treated fairly and equally across the world. Our campaigns promote social equality.

Lobbying & Awareness

We work with politicians and decision makers to have a stake in decisions that affect us.

Developing Policy

We help support and guide foreign governments in developing policy that affect Bangladeshi communities.

Research and Learning Programmes

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Public Events

Our events support our policy initiatives and social campaigns. We provide a platform for professionals to exchange ideas.
About us

Our Objectives

Voice for Global Bangladeshis endeavour to work to make the voices of the Global Bangladeshi diaspora more effective whilst also creating conversations that protect the future of Bangladesh. We offer a space for discussion and fresh thinking with the objective to bring about change.


The advancement of Non resident Bangladeshis regardless of which country they work and reside in. Through our work we want to ensure they have better working conditions and are treated fairly. 


We strive to develop excellent and effective policy which will help extend public knowledge on the issues faced by the Bangladeshi diaspora. 


Expand outreach to create a global network of Bangladeshi professionals from a wide range of fields. From Civil society, medicine, science and other stakeholders to help shape policy debates on key development issues, develop broader understanding and consensus and promote campaigns.

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